I did it

Finally, after losing ariessun.com (kind of didn’t care about it), dealing with broken plugins (tech stuff, meh), and having to start almost-from-scratch, I got this done.

It’s on a new server with SSL with a new domain, and I have a few new photoshoots to post when I have a chance. Hell, when I have a chance I’ll be back from a trip to Iceland and have even more awesome photos to upload!

So what’s new?

  • Services and Contact pages are revamped.
  • All image galleries are fixed and some are updated. They also have a new layout. Unfortunately old watermarks have to remain due to time and technology constraints.
  • Added a gallery dedicated to glamour and nudes (skin).
  • Zombies has been renamed “Gore” to encompass a few upcoming projects.
  • New site logo (just text, but I like it)
  • Better, more flexible layout

I’m so excited to have all this done. It’s been a long time coming and it’s an incredible relief to have so much done.

Hell, even on the back end, I have new equipment (yay!) and a few newly acquired skills.

Featured image is from a recent photoshoot. Call it an image tax.